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This Horizontal element, holds the standards together and thereby ensures the structural stability of the system. The horizontals are the major members to support the force from horizontals.  These components are made from 48.3mm x 3.2mm high strength low alloy steel tubing and two forged blade set both sides.

It is available in 8 standard sizes, so that different bay sizes shall be made available to meet varying site requirements.
Allowable center point load (ACP Load) and allowable uniformly distributed load (AUD Load) is shown in given below table:


Item Code Standard Length Weight ACP Load AUD Load Material Grade
AD260 BS-1139 0.6m 2.34kg 690kg 95.11N/m S235
AD290 BS-1139 0.9m 3.41kg 482kg 48.60N/m S235
AD2100 BS-1139 1.0m 3.77kg 414kg 39.38N/m S235
AD2120 BS-1139 1.2m 4.48kg 364kg 29.10N/m S235
AD2130 BS-1139 1.3m 4.84kg 346kg 23.29N/m S235
AD2160 BS-1139 1.6m 5.91kg 290kg 17.40N/m S235
AD2180 BS-1139 1.8m 6.60kg 240kg 11.90N/m S235
AD2250 BS-1139 2.5m 9.12kg 180kg 06.85N/m S235


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