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Tabla Telescopic Beams are light weight and have an excellent load capacity. They are designed  to take Drop Heads and lnfil Strips from  3’0″/914 to 10’0″/3050. Telescopic Beams connect directly to the Filler Beams. These Beams are equipped with a graduated Bearing Plate at each end. Each Bearing Plate consists of 5 gravity  bearing seats in 1″ increments. By using the lowest  seat the ADSF Beams. Telescopic Beam forms  a flush deck using 3/4″/19mm plywood infill. Other levels are for change in slab thickness and Drop Heads.

Given below are different kind and sizes of Telescopic beams:




no Code Component Size Weight
1 TSB3 Telescopic Beam 914mm 4.9kg
2 TSB5 Telescopic Beam 1524mm 7.2kg
3 TSB10 Telescopic Beam 3048mm 10.5kg





no Code Component Size Weight
1 STB3S Swivel Telescopic Beam 914mm 5.10kg
2 STB5S Swivel Telescopic Beam 1524mm 7.50kg
3 STB10S Swivel Telescopic Beam 3048mm 11.00kg


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