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Side and End Filler Beams allow 3/4″ plywood to infill to the side of the Panel. The benefits of using Side and End Filler Beams are:

Provide nailer strip for connecting 3/4″ plywood;
Eliminates notching of plywood around Post Shore Heads;
Eliminates eccentric loading on Prop;
Colour coded* for quick identification between Side and End Rails of Panels­ simply match colors during erection.

Place the Filler Beam into  the Prop Cup and secure it using the Tabla Gravity Lock through accessory holes of the Panel and Filler Beam.


no Item Code Component Size Weight Timber Size
1 EF6 End Filler 600mm 4.15kg 38mm x 38mm
2 EF12 End Filler 1200mm 6.75kg 38mm x 38mm
3 SF12 Side Filler 1200mm 6.20kg 38mm x 38mm
4 SF18 Side Filler 1800mm 8.50kg 38mm x 38mm
5 SF24 Side Filler 2400mm 11.13kg 38mm x 38mm


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