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Walers consist of dual profiled steel, special lifting hooks and wedge pins. They are easy to transport, operate and economical to maintain. There are 4 types of compensation: projection waler, straight waler 850, straight waler 1300 and the adjustable waler which can accommodate any required angle.

Walers are used to strengthen the connection between components. They greatly improve the integral rigidity, flatness and stiffness of the formwork by spanning and locking an adjacent components. They are used with panels, internal and external corners, bulkheads, infilling timber between panels and for height extensions.

Permissible load is 4.4kN/m.


no Item Code Item Name Weight
1 CW1300 Compensation Walers 17.09kg
2 CW850 Compensation Walers 12.50kg




no Item Code Item Name Weight
1 CW85 90 degree internal corner Walers 12.48kg
2 CW50 90 degree internal corner Walers 9.50kg


90 walers2


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