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Fasteners and Lifting hook are key component of ADSF Wall Form System. Various components completes the chain of fasteners and lifting hooks as shown below:

      Ancillary Components :-



no Code Item Weight
1 WLH Lifting Hook 6.99kg
2 WTB2 Tie Bracket 0.36kg





no Code Item Weight
1 WTR Tie Rod 1.32kg
2 WHT Hook Tie 0.640kg
3 WST Stopend Tie 1.200kg
4 WPST Spacer Tube 0.220kg
5 WPC Plastic Cone 0.005kg
6 WPLG Plastic Plug 0.003kg
7 WCSCP Counter Plate 0.610kg
8 WCSWN Steel Wing Nut 0.360kg
9 WHTH Hook Tie Head 0.420kg


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