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This secondary decking element is placed in between (at 90 deg. to ) the mail decking members filling up the gaps to maintain allowable plywood spans.

This component comes in Six standard sizes along Permissible load and uniformed distributed Load (U.D.Load)kN as shown in give below table:


Item Code Standard Length Weight UD Load Deflection Material Grade
AD550 BSEN10025 0.5m 2.86kg 11.0kN 2.0mm S275
AD580 BSEN10025 0.8m 4.03kg 11.0kN 2.0mm S275
AD590 BSEN10025 0.9m 4.74kg 11.0kN 2.0mm S275
AD5120 BSEN10025 1.2m 6.16kg 10.0kN 2.4mm S275
AD5150 BSEN10025 1.5m 7.57kg 9.5kN 2.7mm S275
AD5170 BSEN10025 1.7m 8.51kg 8.5kN 3.0mm S275



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