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BS Props fully confirm to the requirements of BS 4074:1982 and have been tested in accordance with BS 5507 pat 3:1982. BS Props can be used on all types of buildings construction or for any type of use where an adjustable load bearing member is required. The High tensile steel pin is located through a slot in the outer section and a hole on the inner section for coarse adjustment. The cast collar located below the pin gives fine adjustment for leveling or striking. The rolled thread ensures no loss of material or strength at this point.


ItemCode Standard MinHeight MaxHeight Weight
BS0 BS4074 1.07m 1.82m 11.0kg
BS1 BS4074 1.75m 3.12m 16.7kg
BS2 BS4074 1.98m 3.35m 18.4kg
BS3 BS4074 2.59m 3.95m 20.2kg
BS4 BS4074 3.20m 4.87m 24.2kg




Item Code Standard Sizes Min Height Max Height Weight
BSL500 BS4074 5.0m 3.00m 5.00m 15.8kg
BSL400 BS4074 4.0m 2.50m 4.00m 13.6kg
BSL390 BS4074 3.9m 2.40m 3.90m 13.2kg
BSL350 BS4074 3.5m 2.00m 3.50m 12.5kg
BSL300 BS4074 3.0m 1.75m 3.00m 11.0kg
BSL250 BS4074 2.5m 1.50m 2.50m 09.6kg

A Weight are given for props having 2mm thick tube. Props are available in 2, 3.2 & 4mm thk. tubes other sizes are available on request.  Caution is advised as follows:

  • Props must always be loaded concentrically and be plumb.
  • SWLs allow not more than 1.5 Deg. Out-of-plumb loaded concentrically.
  • Any extension attachment bolted to the Prop must be considered in height when using the table.
  • It should be ensured that the Prop always rests on the safest axis and loaded concentrically.


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