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Our 'ADLock' Support & Decking System is a multipurpose, safe and versatile scaffold system (erected with the least number of moving parts) thus providing efficiency in speed and savings on cost. The versatility of the decking systems enables it to provide a supporting grid for Beam and Trough as well as flat & Hourdi slab construction. The Drop Head system allows early stiking (3-4) days which enables the Decking, Infill & the Plywood to be removed leaving the support to the slab intact & in contact with the concrete till the curing period..

ADLock Support & Decking System


This vertical element, being the main load transferring component of the AD Lock system, is stric...

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This Horizontal element, holds the standards together and thereby ensures the structural stabilit...

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Cantilever Frame

Used mostly, when a particular slab to be supported, has extensions beyond the slab below, or whe...

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Infill Beams

This secondary decking element is placed in between (at 90 deg. to ) the mail decking members fil...

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Decking Beam

This main decking member is light weight due to the use of high grade steel. Heavy Duty pressings...

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Drop Head with Socket Base

This Component enables the early striking of the system allowing the Dacking & the Infill bea...

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Universal and Base Jack

Allows adjustments in height at either the top or the bottom of the support when used in combinat...

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Plain Base

Used when the combination of Base Jack, Standard, Universal Jack & Drop Head Assembly is not ...

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